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Flow Control Valve

Apollo Flow Control Valve is an unique device invented & patented by Mr. M.Mohamed Gany, Managing Director of our company. Flow Control Valve used to regulate the drinking water supply equitably to all pipe line connection holders irrespective of varying pressures. The Government provide drinking water supply house service connection to each hold and the following major problems still persist resulting artificial scarcity of drinking water:

1. Excess flow of water at down stream areas (low level areas) and mere flow at up stream areas(elevated areas) due to the geographical terrain.

2. Illegal tapping of water by using electrical suction motor by the end users causes severe scarcity in the adjoining house service connections.

3. Contamination of water due to the return flow from sump & pit tap causes major health hazards to the public

4. Over all disproportion in distribution of water create artificial scarcity in the water supply.

The Flow Control Valve eradicates the above problems and allows only the designed flow rater irrespective of varying pressures of down stream and upstream areas. At the time of illegal tapping by suction motors, it does not allow any excess water than the stipulated flow rate. Further, prevents return flow from sump, pit tap and sewages thereby the entire distribution system is protected and equal proportional leaving the system free from enormous maintenance.

Technical Details

Minimum operating Pressure 0.01 kg/cm2(10cm inlet pressure)
Designed Pressure Levels 3 meters Head to 8 meters Head (Inlet Pressure)
Body Material Stainless Steel
Ball Stainless Steel
Available Models Dia 15mm - 5L – Average flow rate of 5 litres Per Minute
Dia 15mm -10L – Average flow rate of 10 litres Per Minute
Dia 20mm - 15L – Average flow rate of 15 litres Per Minute
Accuracy + 20% on average flow rate


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