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Plastic Single Jet Water Meters


Measuring the volume of cold portable water passing through the pipeline, normally in domestic water supply connections



Working Principle

The meter operates on the velocity principle that a jet of water enters the water meter body drives the impeller. The impeller is suspended by hydrodynamic forces to give minimum load on the bearings. The impeller rotation is magnetically transmitted to the register which the reading is made.

Construction of Material

Apollo Single Jet Meter body and connectors made in High grade Nylon material with glass filled for extra strength which sustain the heavy load of tools used by the plumbers.
Water Temperature suitable < 50* ,
Water Pressure < 1.6MPa

Available Sizes

15mm & 20mm Dia


  • Conforming to ISO4064, Class B Standard
  • Cost Effective comparing to brass water meters
  • light weight which enable easy installation with PVC and GI pipes
  • Long life in coastal and other areas
  • Theft free as it has no resale value material
  • FCRI, Palakkad, Certified
  • Pulse output mode available (on request) for remote reading and AMR compatibility

Technical Data

Nominal diameter DN 15mm 20mm
Maximum flow rate m3/h Qmax 3.0 5.0
Nominal Flow rate m3/h Qn 1.5 2.5
Transition flow rate L/h Qt 120 200
Minimum flow rate L/h Qmin 30 50